The Lightning Conductor

44526546_336320316917862_4825873722491535360_n.jpgZizzle collects ten heartfelt children’s stories (including my own) that boast a range of styles and also different levels of difficulty. The book itself is a charming little hardcover with thick pages and a big, clear font, and features wonderful illustrations by Andy Wai Kit. Highly recommended to parents, teachers, and librarians who want to spread the wonder of storytelling to young minds.

“‘[The Lightning Conductor]’ is magical and tear-inducing.” – Will Byrnes

“It was lovely to see my daughter savour the stories like she did, particularly The ‘Lightning Conductor’ by George Salis, which filled my own mind with wonder and brought a lump to my throat.” – Robin Bree

“Difficult issues are not shied away from in these flash fictions either, and the story that brings that forth with a refreshing amount of nuance is ‘The Lightning Conductor’ (George Salis) which draws a keen eye toward the kind of escape a child might need when faced with an ill loved one.” – Kristen Ploetz

More and more reviews are coming in for Zizzle’s debut issue on Goodreads:…/show/41843489-zizzle-literary-1…

And on Amazon: “My favorite of the bunch was ‘The Lightning Conductor.’ [The story] struck a chord in me for the way [it] highlighted the beauty of language, the power of words – and how we can find light and magic in an often dark world.” – Stacie Eirich

Also, from The Word Diver: “George Salis’ atmospheric ‘The Lightning Conductor’…memorably describes goosebumps as ‘skin braille.'”

Don’t miss out. Order here:

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