The Second Skein

The premier issue of Black Dandy #1 is now available. It’s a magazine edited by H. Andrew Lynch and features the best fabulist fiction around the world. I’m grateful to have my story, “The Second Skein,” as the feature piece. The illustrated wrap-around cover, based on a scene from my story, was done by the talented Lance Jackson.

You can read my story for free here.

Here is a bit more about the magazine and a teaser:

Black Dandy is a quarterly literary journal dedicated to excellence in magic realism, surrealism, and the otherwise strange. Based in New Zealand, we’re proud to feature top talent from around the world. Our premiere issue features 10 stories from today’s most compelling writers. Relive 9/11 through the eyes of a chronic nail-biter, a Russian weightlifter, and a bureaucrat who once made brilliant but useless devices…Uncover the secrets of a spectral European village with a disenchanted traveler…Take a walk to the 1950s, where a young man mesmerizes a small American town with his unique artistic gifts…Join a woman as she recounts a peculiar love from her past. In a slowly sinking coastal town, a sheriff grapples with a Poodle murder, twins with bizarre qualities, and the fitness of his police force…After finishing your workout at the local gym, you realize you can’t leave because the building is encased in impenetrable fat…A drifter tries to warn his community that a homeless man in their midst is a disaster waiting to happen…Her dead grandfather was a serial killer, but that’s not going to stand between her and an attempt to escape destiny…On the day of a soldier’s execution, those who knew him meet for drinks and slowly slide into a situation they can’t explain…She’s obsessed with the remarkable pleasures of a long-ago lover and she’ll do whatever it takes to relive them.

You can purchase a physical copy of the magazine here:…

Or an e-copy here:…

Here are sketches Lance Jackson made for potential magazine covers:


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