The Thinker

My story, “The Thinker,” is published in The Dark.

Read it for free here.

Featured image by George Salis.

What reviewers had to say:

Thank you to Derek Thomas Conrad of Out of that World: Science Fiction & Fantasy Reviews for his starred review: “Salis writes beautifully for such a dark subject. There’s color in his language, but it’s all maintained with a stern sense of control. The theological angle layers in another level of apprehension (due to the practitioners’ fanaticism), and contrasts nicely with the gruesome whole. Speaking of, the details of sickly, rotted, and festering bodies—while disturbing—are expertly illustrated. […] Gross! And yet engrossing. The end is a real treat, a total culmination of the foreboding dread that is resurrection.”

Read the full review here (scroll about halfway down the page):…

Many thanks to Charles Payseur of Quick Sip Reviews for a thoughtful review too: “The story looks at what this faith has done to this man’s children, how it has shaped them and warped them. And how, when all is revealed, there are some things that do not transubstantiate. That belief alone is not always enough, especially when that belief is selfishly motivated and ignorantly maintained. It’s an interesting story that manages to maintain a mood of rot and faith, and is certainly worth checking out.” Read the full review here:…

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