An Echo Echoes Pharaohs

Thank you to Barton Smock for publishing my poem, “An Echo Echoes Pharaohs,” in Isacoustic. Barton is a true poet and patron of the arts.

You can read it for free here.

It’s very rare for me to write poetry. One reason being that I usually prefer the excessive and digressive form of the novel. Even when I get a story published it’s almost always a slice from a novel I’m working on at the time.

However, I did write this poem with my novel in mind and it may or may not appear in the final manuscript. I’m also thinking of working on a full-length collection of this kind of poem. It wouldn’t be the only project I have planned, but my current novel takes precedence over everything.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the poem.

Featured art is a cropped version of Salvador Dalí’s Morphological Echo (1936).


  1. I enjoyed the poem AND learned the term ekphrastic, my part of the palisade against the Apocolypse of Wordlessness.

    Also, in a lovely literary synchronicity, An Echo Echoes Pharaohs contains the second incident of crawling under a table that I read today.

    “He climbed over the fence, and made his way round behind the village, to look at the sky, what it was like. The village from the back – as if you looked at a table underneath, all wood and framework, as if nobody saw you, as if you were playing hide and seek with the whole world.” (Karel Čapek – Hordubal)

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    1. Thank you, Thomas! I love Dalí’s art so much I think I’ll do a full collection of ekphrastic poems like this called Dalívision, which comes from the title of one of his paintings, as you might know. However, I wouldn’t be able to work on this until I finish the mammoth-sized novel I’ve been writing.

      Thanks for sharing the Čapek excerpt. I have War with the Newts in my to-read list. Crawling under tables becomes in adulthood a lost and perhaps underrated pastime.


      1. When I worked as a chef, I participated in a challenge to create a plate that was representative of an artist and I made a Dali styled plate. Also, I came across the word ekphrastic again today. Funny how that happens.

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