Mangled Hands

Tough Poets Press has just launched a Kickstarter for a reprint of Mangled Hands, which has been out of print for about 35 years. I’m proud to say that it features both my introduction and an interview I conducted with the once-enigmatic Johnny Stanton and his wife, the poet Elinor Nauen.

You can get a copy with your name in the acknowledgements here.

I guarantee that you’ve never read a book quite like this masterpiece of American fiction.

Here is an excerpt from my introduction: “Indeed, there is animating cannibalism, bodies are dismembered and remembered, genitals are molested and mutilated, and amid the Poison Snake People’s brutality, anatomy is its own necromancy, for—peace pipe war pipe—Mangled Hands is a hashish feather fever dream on the muscled back of a galloping night mare.”

Johnny signing copies of the new edition.

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