Three Crows Year Two

My story “Nuclear Mysticism,” which was published in Three Crows Magazine #6 (March 2020), has been included in a ‘best of’ anthology for the magazine’s second year. Three Crows Year Two: Anthology of Weird Science Fiction and Fantasy is available as an ebook, paperback, and hardcover here.

“Editors of Three Crows Magazine selected the most cutting-edge science fiction, fantasy and, weird short stories from the second year of the magazine. Our fantasy stories scrutinized politics and the struggle against the state; science fiction delved into the immigration, and healthcare; our horror examined the limits of the human condition and the baggage of fears that we carry generation after generation. We selected newcomers as well as Aurealis award-nominated and Bram Stoker award-considered stories that received wide acclaim in the SFF/H community. Alex Khlopenko and Olivia Hofer continue shaping the landscape of modern SFF literature.”

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