The Knight of Night

Just received my contributor’s copy of the Holon Project Volume 3. Thanks so much to my editor Daniel Cockrell for believing in my fiction. The story in this issue is “The Knight of Night” and is a whopping 13,500 words. In terms of what to expect, think of Alan Wake and the Arabian Nights. The story of course comes from Morphological Echoes, the maximalist novel I’ve been working on for the past 7 years. Since starting Echoes, I’ve sold 16 pieces from it, and it’s great to have another section out in the world before the full thing gets published. From Three Crows Magazine to Golden Handcuffs Review, from online publications to physical ones, I’m grateful for the editors who have shone a light on my work during this epic endeavor.

Only 99 copies of the Holon Project Volume 3 were printed so get your copy while they last.

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