Photo Ops

With Alexander Theroux at his home in Cape Cod. (10/4/22)
Photo by Sarah Son-Theroux
With Joseph McElroy at his apartment in NYC. (6/9/22) Photo by Boone McElroy
With Wendy Walker at the Met in NYC. (6/10/22)
With Johnny Stanton and Elinor Nauen at Pure Grit in NYC. (2/17/23)
With Michael Brodsky at The Argosy in NYC (2/16/23)
With James McCourt at his apartment in Manhattan, NYC (2/15/23)
With Salman Rushdie in Miami, Florida. (9/18/15)
With Martin Amis in Miami, Florida. (10/28/14)
With Jonathan Safran Foer in Miami, Florida. (9/15/16)
With Mark Doty at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida. (circa 2013)
With James Randi in Orlando, Florida. (11/2/13)
Shaking Richard Dawkins’ hand in Miami, Florida. (5/27/17)
With Richard Dawkins in Washington, DC. (September 2013)
With Lawrence Krauss in Orlando, Florida. (10/11/14)